About Brittany 

What a lot of people don't know about me is that my favorite time of the year is fall.. along with fall would be Halloween and big fuzzy coats and socks.  I am the type of girl who loves true crime + paranormal jazz but I also like to cover my eyes because I hate jump scares lol. I also like to play video games such as sims4 and Call of duty... I am no gamer just a girl who can play and waste time.. hence why my husband can never depend on me in that game. He can tell you all about it lol. 

I'm running out of things to stay about myself but if you like those things and think we could be a good match.. LET'S CHAT IT UP!!

My husband calls me Becky and I've gotten pretty use to it so please, you can call me Becky. I am a Wedding + Couples photographer based in Virginia but I have this undying love to travel so you may catch me all over the United States. My love for photography and telling everyones stories is just what I do. I don't do the posy-posy instead I want to tell your story and capture those little moments that will make you smile/laugh when you look back on them. 

In 2019 I married my best friend who is the most amazing person ever.. In 2020 I gave birth to his twin who is literally my life. I am a full time Wedding Photographer but also a full time Mama. So you may run into me looking like a hot mess and just please.. don't ask questions. I like to say I'm from SC but really I'm from Iowa.. I was raised in SC and lived there for almost 14 years. I got the most amazing opportunity to start fresh.. I would like to say that it was a success haha. 

My Story

a girl with a camera who has love for donuts + big fuzzy blankets

and what I can do for You!

What i do

I think real moments are the best ones. So my style is all about getting real, honest emotions, and natural photos. Of course I'll step in to tweak where you need a little guidance or help, but I do my very best to make sure you feel comfortable and can forget the camera as much as possible. My style is more about getting you interacting with each other, rather than a lot of really formal posing. 

Hire Brittany

Brittany is absolutely amazing! My fiancé and I did our engagement photos, and she made the experience so comfortable for us. She knew exactly how to pose us and kept things candid and natural. The photos are beautiful, and Brittany was so easy to work with! We can’t wait until we work with her again on our big day!

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Brittany is awesome! She’s so easy to work with. She drove 3+hrs just to meet us and showed up early too! We were able to have fun and relax throughout the whole process. She knew all the tricks just to capture authentic, raw moments. My fiancé and I were absolutely thrilled with how our engagement photos came out! If we could give her any more stars we would!

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What clients are saying..

Brittany Stowe

If you ask me, I am a self-proclaimed badass photographer that captures true emotion with all its grit and beauty.

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